San Fernando Valley Council
Enriching the Lives of Israel's Women, Children & Families

Women helping women, children and families
in Israel and the United States.

Our membership represents women from all segments of society in the United States and all streams of life in the Jewish community. We are an international movement with members in 9 countries, and the largest Zionist women's organization in the world.



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"I don't speak because I have the power to speak; I speak because I don't have the power to remain silent"
Rabbi A.Y. Kook

About Us

    NA'AMAT is Israel's largest women's organization providing:
  • Women's rights centers & legal counseling for women
  • Daycare for 20,000 preschoolers
  • Education scholarships for women
  • High Schools for at-risk teens
  • Centers for treatment of domestic violence

"I enjoy being San Fernando Valley Council President. It helps me renew my commitment to the women, children and families of Israel. The. people I have met are just like my second family."

Roz Porton, San Fernando Valley Council President, NA'AMAT USA


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